1 ) Do not touch or change flash or modeling lights. Should something need to be changed inform the office or call 902.420.1876 at earliest convenience.

2 ) Do not fold the muslin or cloth backgrounds, as this may leave creases and require ironing. Please leave backdrops gathered in the green bin at the end of your rental session.

3 ) Please make sure all electronic gear is turned off and unplugged from the walls before the end of your rental session. Please remove cords and properly put away all equipment when finished. Do not leave bulbs exposed and please place a cone on the light as an added protection. Failing to clean up after a session will be subject to a “clean up fee” of $30.00 +hst.

4 ) Please do not cut background paper. If you think the background paper may need cutting please inform us and we will take care of it for you. Dirt marks on the paper can be washed out with background light so it is asked that you do not use more paper than is needed. Please roll paper back entirely onto spool before leaving the studio.

5 ) Please do not step on background paper with outside shoes. If outside shoes are required for a photo session please use towel and water to wipe bottoms clean first and allow drying before being placed on the paper. If outside shoes are required then please use a piece of scrap paper on the floor OR in the case of white seamless use the large white board over the clean paper.

6) Do not drag studio furniture. Others have to use this furniture and when it is wrecked or broken we all suffer. Please ask for assistance or use at least two people to move any large items.

7) Please respect our neighbors. Other businesses also work on this floor after hours.

8 ) Please lock all doors and close all windows before leaving your studio session. This is imperative to the safety of the studio and other rentals. Secure it as you would your own house.

9) Cancelation before 24 hours is 50%. Cancelation within 24 hours is 100%. Cancelation fees are waved if rescheduled within a reasonable time.

Ignoring or improperly carrying out any of these rules will lead to further expenses on the part of the rentee and a possible ban from Aperture Studios. We really want this studio to be available to everybody without restrictions but the only way we can make this happen is if everyone takes responsibility and ensures the proper handling and maintenance of studio equipment.

Please be advised that extra studio equipment must be reserved in advance of your rental session. Any supplementary equipment can be indicated in the “extras” section of the booking form.
If there are any equipment concerns or needs please inform us at 902.420.1876